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On the basis of our diverse range of solid wood furniture, you will quickly discover that you do not have to necessarily be placed in a separate dining room this. The feel-good factor, you also increase by the different styles that we offer Massive dining room furniture in the area. Modern and massive furniture can be found as desired as a dining set with or without extending. Versatile color combinations enhance the individuality in setting up your space. Massive Eßzimmermöbel combine culinary delights with their homely joys and this especially on a high level. Very distinctive and also worked heavily are also great grained surfaces, sturdy chairs, benches and tables. Sit at or on our solid wood furniture and enjoy the refreshing charm! Massive dining room furniture, where the eye not only mitisst proverbial, there with us. Enjoy quality to feel good in real wood and eat better with our massive Eßzimmermöbeln. Massive furniture in quality manufacturing will give you a very special wellness and living experience. Each space is as individual as you. The Dining furniture made of natural wood can realize your wishes to measure. Whether tables, benches, chairs or occasional furniture, dining room furniture all are made of pure natural wood and genuine Austrian craftsmanship quality. You have the option of configuring the original wooden furniture for the dining area to your requirements and wishes. Fix or extract: Our dining room table to fit your needs at They are the perfect focal point for the whole family to here take communal meals, and being able to talk about the day's adventures. The smell of a newly built dining table made of solid wood recalls when entering the room of a deserted mountain hut, waiting on a cold, snowy winter with a warm, crackling fire on the first visitors. Even after many years, this peculiarity is given. This, and the fact that a positive effect dining tables made of solid wood on the symptoms of house dust allergies, is due to the nature of the surface of solid furniture. The pores of the natural wood are open, large and free of paint and surface treatments. You can so perfectly breathe and see the positive characteristics. Scratches and dents that accumulate over time, can be viewed as a valuable reminder or easily repaired, since there is no surface treatment. Your dining room is more than just a place to eat and a chat. Depending on how you set it up, there is a dining area to a workstation for homework the children or a retreat for your hobby. Our dining room furniture are all these requirements: meet modern designs with us on functional aesthetics. All this at an affordable price and delivered free to your home. Does this sound familiar: red wine stains, scratches and first attempts at painting our little ones want to immortalize on the dining table. The natural surfaces of natural wood furniture allow for easy maintenance and cleaning. Through the application of natural oil on the surface, the wood is maintained accordingly and reserves for many years to its natural beauty. The open-pored surface also has a positive effect on the indoor climate. The Dining wooden furniture combine nature with the most advanced technology. With the patented technology 2soft table-off is a breeze. Whether 50, 2 x 50 or 100 cm extract - thanks 2soft leave the wooden or glass panels silently, smoothly and safely open and close again. In order to impress surely every guest. Wooden furniture for the dining room beautify the living environment with their natural charm and warm colors and convince with innovative features. These are fully tested to ensure functionality, safety and stablety at every furniture prior to launch in-house testing laboratory. The country style is characterized by a wide variety of impressions. Furniture made of solid wood determine the appearance here. Not only are they powerful and convince with a long life, they are also completely untreated, have a positive effect on the indoor climate and the symptoms of dust allergy and bring an unmistakable scent in the rooms. Is there enough space available, the dining room is off the living room is a popular room for receiving guests. Here you can eat at the dining table, but also played jointly or simply just talking in friendly company. Especially in houses that offer more space to set up a dining room of advantage. The dining room if you're looking to serve the possibility their food outside her kitchen when the space in the kitchen is sometimes scarce. Another advantage of the own separate dining room is the opportunity to dine outside the odor which results from de preparation of food. Dishes, glassware and tea are good in Send sideboards and display cabinets from our dining room furniture - well cared series. High- and sideboards combine the closed fronts classical cabinets with the elegance of cabinets in a single furniture. Dining and living room are increasingly combined into a single housing. In these cases, you can well suit the room wall and the upholstered furniture in the living area, the design of the dining room furniture. The result is a harmonious plan living room, where guests can relax and socialize.