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The Dining wooden furniture combine nature with the most advanced technology. With the patented technology 2soft table-off is a breeze. Whether 50, 2 x 50 or 100 cm extract - thanks 2soft leave the wooden or glass panels silently, smoothly and safely open and close again. In order to impress surely every guest. Wooden furniture for the dining room beautify the living environment with their natural charm and warm colors and convince with innovative features. These are fully tested to ensure functionality, safety and stablety at every furniture prior to launch in-house testing laboratory. The dining room is the place where one meets along as a family every day. In order to enjoy the food together with your family, is a comfortable dining room facility, which is oriented to the individual design wishes, very important. Why? Quite simply, no one likes to sit daily in a room that you feel as uncomfortable or not nice. Therefore we would like to pursue your individual wishes. So furniture Mahler has the largest selection of dining rooms in Saxony in Siebenlehn. In this multi-faceted range is therefore for all tastes. In the area of ​​the dining room so we offer a lot of food groups in different styles, ranging from modern to rustic. To advise our professional skilled staff are always at your disposal to allow you your dream dining room - also as a home consultation. Dishes, glassware and tea are good in Send sideboards and display cabinets from our dining room furniture - well cared series. High- and sideboards combine the closed fronts classical cabinets with the elegance of cabinets in a single furniture. Dining and living room are increasingly combined into a single housing. In these cases, you can well suit the room wall and the upholstered furniture in the living area, the design of the dining room furniture. The result is a harmonious plan living room, where guests can relax and socialize. As unique as each piece of natural wood is also the production of every single piece of furniture. Award-winning designers and interior designers to ensure a harmonious and timeless elegance, which again can be found in each element. The country style is characterized by a wide variety of impressions. Furniture made of solid wood determine the appearance here. Not only are they powerful and convince with a long life, they are also completely untreated, have a positive effect on the indoor climate and the symptoms of dust allergy and bring an unmistakable scent in the rooms. Our product range variations in the field of solid wood furniture upholstered corner seat groups via table groups to highboards and perch intrigues. Combine your Solid wood furniture and look forward to the completion of enjoyment with your friends and family. Massive furniture with clean lines are nowadays indispensable in a stylish dining area. Whether solid wood furniture in beech, core beech, pine, oak, wild oak, acacia, pine or imitation leather - our choice is varied. The feel-good factor with solid dining room furniture you reinforce additionally by mood and style dependent color selection. Our range of solid furniture ranges in the processing of weathered verkälkt over, varnished, oiled to natural. Massive furniture for your dining room you get in order without additional shipping costs and payment in advance even discount. The prices of our solid wood furniture are always low and moreover also of high quality. Take pleasure in a wonderful feeling when you watch your solid wood furniture line in your rooms and to let others share in it. In addition to a table and usually four to six chairs is still mostly a cabinet in the form of a cabinet or a High Boardes with the dining room. These cabinets are often used to store the "good" dishes and cutlery. The dining room is known to be the place of socializing. Together with friends and family round here is fed in a cozy, told and it will spend convivial hours. A device with chic dining room furniture from your Sommerlad store provides a cozy environment and leaves the dining room are a popular meeting place for young and old. Your dining room is more than just a place to eat and a chat. Depending on how you set it up, there is a dining area to a workstation for homework the children or a retreat for your hobby. Our dining room furniture are all these requirements: meet modern designs with us on functional aesthetics. All this at an affordable price and delivered free to your home. Dining room furniture made of natural wood: easy to care and permanently beautiful.

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